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How long does it usually take the driver to wash down his truck? 

5 Minutes? 

10 minutes?

Now wash your ready mix truck in less than one minute!

Key Solutions  Load and Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash System™ is designed to meet a long-standing concrete truck washing problem in the ready mixed industry. We have taken 30 years of experience in industrial high pressure cleaning to develop a unique design for the ready mixed industry to quickly and thoroughly wash trucks before they leave the plant for the job site. We can even wash the trucks on return to the plant at the end of the day.

Reduce your truck wash time to less than one minute with the Load and Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash System™ and increase the productivity at your concrete plant. Imagine what a difference that amount of saved time could mean...more trips per day for every ready mixed truck you have on the road, or even fewer trucks doing the same job. Your trucks could be cleaned and on the road in less time. The cost savings in labor, fuel, water, and maintenance are substantial.

We have engineered cost-saving solutions for front load or rear load trucks and for dry mix and wet mix plants. The Load and Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash System™ is tailored to your location.

The Load and Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash System™ improves safety – your driver stays in the cab! It also significantly reduces water usage and provides a waste water conveyance system in compliance with regulatory standards.



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